BUNKED! A New Musical

By Monikha Reyes, 12th Grade, Frank Sinatra School of the Arts
To top off my FringeNYC experience this year, I went to see BUNKED! A New Musical. Allow me to review this show in two words: PURE FUN.

For five camp counselors at Lake Timberlake, this summer will be the last hoorah before having to face their first steps towards adulthood. Oliver, openly gay and with a fierce wit and big dreams to match, and Anabel, the “hot-mess” sister who is just aching to break out of her prim and proper shell, are the first to arrive. The two then meet Stewart, who is tired of following his parents’ wishes, Carmen, who, underneath her touch exterior and resistant behavior is struggling with herself and an all too recent misfortunate event. Last to be introduced is Max, who has nothing but warm thoughts when it comes to camp. Each character has a unique back-story, allowing the audience to truly care. This musical has the whole package – the songs are creative and catchy, the storyline is entertaining, and the actors are outstanding. BUNKED! is a worthwhile show – you’ll be sorry if you miss it.

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