When Last We Flew

By Serra Akyuz, 10th Grade,When Last We Flew revolves around the lives of two teenagers: Paul, who has to hide from his mother that he’s gay; and Natalie, who has to hide the confident, strong woman inside of her. These two teenagers from a small town in Kansas experience for the first time what it feels like to clip on wings and fly. Fly out through the roof and become the bird that was suppressed inside. The play is funny, the dialogue is smart, and the story is inspiring. The actors are entertaining and their presentation of their characters’ journeys is spot-on. Although the scenery lacks props (except for a bathroom toilet and a few chairs), the cast fills the stage with something that isn’t tangible, but more valuable: the ability to engage the audience. Harrison David Roberts’ story is a small town Kansas version of Tony Kushner’s play When Last We Flew challenges us to break the cage of the birds within us and evolve into something unstoppable.

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