Playing by Air

By Desmond Sam, 10th Grade, LaGuardia High School Playing By Air is a thrilling performance that makes you question the impossible. The four jugglers astound with their unique tricks. Each juggler tells a story, combining juggling with music, lights, colors, magic, comedy, and even a little bit of puppetry. By fusing these elements together, they create a mystical aura in the theater. It is a small, intimate space, and the bright colors of the props and set illuminate the theatre as the music blends with the mood. My favorite part of the show is the partnership between the music and juggling. The genres range from electronic to folk, and the performers are still able to juggle with the rhythm. The performers play the violin and oboe in very odd ways. They balance music stands and instruments on their faces. They use a Chinese yo-yo called the Diablo. This gives the show an extra flare by using something new that really impresses the crowd.

Playing by Air is a hidden jewel in the 2010 FringeNYC Festival.

Schedule and ticket information here.

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