Monetizing Emma

By Michele Tram, Senior Plogger Thump. Thump. Thump. Loud music fills the theater. Moments later, the lights are slowly dimmed and faintly in the background you can hear several voices echo throughout the theater. Monetizing Emma has begun.

Monetizing Emma is a play that takes place three years from now. It tells the story of an independent, witty, sarcastic 15 year old teenager named Emma. Emma is at that age when indecisiveness and uncertainty begins to settle in, making her question every decision that she makes. Emma, like a majority of teenagers, is worried about the costly tuition of Ivy League colleges. Her concerns are put to rest when she is recruited by Genius Trust (GT) as a result of her ability to be a “good asset.” However, things are never quite what they appear to be. Monetizing Emma is a play teenagers can relate to because at one point or another in our lives we seek independence to make our own decisions and choices. Nitya Vidyasagar, who plays Emma, brilliantly captures the conflicting emotions that teenagers feel.

I have a confession. Before seeing this play, I researched Monetizing Emma and stumbled upon the many awards this play has received. This meant that I already had high hopes for the play before it began. Often times, with high hopes, comes great disappointment. Monetizing Emma lives up to its praises and every second of the play kept me engaged with its witty humor and sharp one-liners. This modern comedic play is definitely not to be missed!

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