Hip Hop High – The Musical

By Kerline Batista, 11th Grade, Marble Hill High School for International StudiesDrew Moore is the new kid in town who attracts chaos everywhere he goes in Hip Hop High - The Musical. Soon after moving to a new town from Philly, Drew finds himself facing trouble after he witnesses the robbery and the murder of his local bodega man. He quickly recognizes the murderers as Trench and his crew from school. Throughout the show, we see Drew face a battle within himself over whether or not he should keep his mouth shut or tell the detectives who did it. At the same time, he sets his eyes on Kassie - better known as "the next Christina Aguilera." Meanwhile, we see Drew's friend, Pyro, trying to persuade Drew into joining his dance crew. The storyline has been done million of times and leaves plenty to be desired. The first rap battle seems a bit familiar to that one of Eminem's in 8 Mile and the whole feel of the musical is almost the same as the Step Up movies. Nevertheless, this show is able to stand on its own with a surprise twist at the end.

The great amount of talent that the actors have is completely astonishing. The young actors stand out, but so do the adults, who do a bit rapping of their own.

If you're looking to see a show that requires you to connect emotionally, then this probably isn't the right choice. However, if you're looking to have a careless fun time while watching a show, then this is most definitely the right show to see. Hip Hop High - The Musical is an hour and ten minutes of pure excitement.

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