Tristan & Isolde

by Larissa Heron, 9th Grade, School of the FutureTristan & Isolde takes place in Ireland and England in 750 A.D. It is a story of love, betrayal and alliances. Isolde, the Irish Princess, is in love with Tristan, but is promised to Tristan's uncle King Mark. The Irish Princess must marry the English King to make peace and join allied forces. She is promised to the English King for political ties, and it is too late to flee and live with Tristan, her true love. Without realizing it, both Tristan and Isolde drink a potion from the same glass – and now, their true feelings are shown; Their hearts pump and their love is too obvious to be hidden anymore. When the King learns that both his nephew and his bride have betrayed him, he seeks revenge and banishes Tristan from his Cornwall palace. Will they be reunited or be forever torn apart? This show never took off. There were minimal props, which included a few swords, a table and a couple of chairs. The simplicity of the dark set was sparse. The few dull lights did not enhance the show at all. The setting of the story took place in Ireland and England, however, the accents were not consistent overall; half of the cast did have an accent and the other did not. The actors did not engage much of a reaction from the small audience of only 21. However, King Mark’s acting ability played by Adam Baritot did stand out. He was well rounded, projected clearly and his character was believable! I would not recommend this show. Schedule and ticket information here.