Lemonade: A Play Of World Domination

By Michele Tram, Senior Plogger Based off the name alone – Lemonade: A Play Of World Domination – I didn’t know what to expect. How could lemonade possibly be tied in with ruling the world? In Lemonade, playwright Jais Brohinsky has created a world in the future where corporate tycoons get rich off of selling sunlight and scientists are advanced enough to be able to clone humans.

Lemonade is a play performed by eight talented cast members who individually embodied their characters very well. There is no denying that there was great chemistry between two of the main characters, Henry and Henrietta, two of the richest corporate tycoons who went from plotting mischievous plans against each other to uniting with a plan to take down the richest tycoon by assassination.

My favorite aspect of Lemonade was the clever use of live film projection and the foley artist. The live foley artist played a keyboard to match the cast’s every movement was genius.

A play inspired about the economic times of our world today, Lemonade was overall decent. There were several moments when I questioned what the main idea of the play was and it was only until the very end that the play really started to come together. Although we can certainly relate to the economic woes that Lemonade revolved around (such as $30 for a cup of lemonade), I feel like the playwright’s vision got lost in the excessive plot and slow pacing of the play. As the light gradually dimmed and the play came to an end, only some audience members grasped the concept, but others simply left the theatre still confused and befuddled.

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