Our Town

By Monikha Reyes, 11th Grade, Frank Sinatra School of the Arts
Our Town, by Thornton Wilder, has been performed time by many theatre companies and schools alike. This play is a classic, known for its slice of life of the early twentieth century. Depending on the performers, it can either be a thrill to watch or an unbearable experience. Luckily, this production of Our Town was absolute funIn three acts, the audience gets a view of the everyday lives of the townspeople, focusing in on George Gibbs (the son of the town’s doctor), and Emily Webb (the daughter of the newspaper editor), and their families. We see the milkman and his heifer, the newspaper boy, the drunken choir director, and the other townspeople who make this play colorful. Our narrator, the Stage Manager, guides the play along, pointing out facts and observations about the world of the play that we might overlook.

The play is always done with the minimum of props. That means that all the plates, cupboards, and food are all not there - that is, unless you’re really into the play. However, this version had a surprising twist in the end that was something I have never seen before - it took me aback.

The beginning of the first act can be a bit tedious, if only for the language (keep in mind the play takes place at the start of the 1900's). And though the speech is old, the wardrobe is modern-day.

I would encourage play-lovers to see this classic - it’s entertaining, fun, sad and happy -everything you need in a great play. TICKETS: THRU SEPTEMBER 12th ONLY! $20 student rush • Barrow Street Theatre, 27 Barrow St.