Next Fall

By Ben EllentuckNext Fall brings together the past and the present to tell a story of family and faith. Much of the play takes place in flashbacks, which chronicle the romantic relationship of Adam and Luke. Luke, a devout Christian, meets Adam, a sarcastic, culturally-Jewish-but-really-atheistic urbanite. There is an instant attraction and a very serious romance blossoms, despite the fact that they have opposing views of faith. The other part of the play, the present, takes place in a hospital waiting room after Luke is hit by a car. The accident brings together Adam, Luke’s parents, and friends, who all try to cope with the situation.

The play explores different kinds of family: There’s the biological family, who are there whether we like them or not, and the family of friends, whom we’ve chosen for ourselves. Adam’s accident incorporates everyone into one big family — where they, even literally, catch each other when they fall—united for a common cause, at least temporarily. Though, it seems that something lasting may be forming in that waiting room. TICKETS: $26.50 student rush, 2 per valid ID•Helen Hayes Theatre, 240 W. 44 St.