American Idiot

By Nunny Reyes American Idiot follows Johnny (John Gallagher, Jr. from Spring Awakening) and his friends, a group of young people trying to break free from the society they have grown to know and hate. These characters don’t want to slip between the cracks of our hypocritical society. The play highlights how easily someone can self-destruct when rules don’t apply anymore and freedom is taken in large doses. For example, Johnny meets a girl, Whatsername (Rebecca Naomi Jones from Passing Strange), and they choose drugs to enter an alternate world. Those of us heading off to college or making a new life transition can easily relate to the difficulties Johnny and his friends face. We are afraid of looking back, but share the same passion to find an escape and discover something new about ourselves and the world. With music by Green Day, the cast fills the theater with unforgettable vocals. The elaborate set displays images, sounds and videos of events that have made a significant impact on our lives. American Idiot goes beyond that and truly depicts what life is like for teenagers in our time. With each passing song, the musical became more realistic and more truthful. TICKETS: $27 lottery rush St. James Theatre, 246 W. 44th St.