World Theatre Day

By Christa Tandana Do you think theatre is worth celebrating? Then World Theatre Day is the perfect holiday for you! Join the rest of the globe on March 27 to celebrate the many forms of theatre. Created in 1961 by the International Theatre Institute, or ITI, is a day devoted to celebrating the creating and sharing of theatre.Why should we celebrate theatre? Theatre is a great form of expression that goes beyond boundaries to connect people through emotion and creativity. Theatre arts does not mean just all plays. It includes drama, dance and musical theatre and even just watching it is part of the whole theatre experience!Every year, the ITI partners with theatre communities all over the world to promote international exchange of knowledge and practice in theatre arts. Their purpose is to help create connections across the globe through theatre arts in order to create peace and increase understanding between communities in theatre and beyond.

Participatants include countries like the UK, Ghana, Indonesia, Canada, Australia, France, the US. Right here in the New York, the New York City World Theatre Day Coalition is organizing a mass flash mob! A flash mob is a group of people who get suddenly crowd together in a public place to perform something and then quickly disperse. Bystanders are usually confused, amused, curious, or even wanting to participate! The one that will occur in NYC on March 27 will include a poetic reading, a song, theatre games and other mass theatre fun! One of them is called "Cheers to You" where they will start a mass applause.

You can find out more about how to participate here:

So, whether you celebrate by joining the flash mob, seeing a show, or reading your PxP, take part in this international effort to celebrate theatre arts!

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