by Melissa Miranda

Stomp is musical entertainment for all ages. This performance doesn’t have a storyline or characters, just music. And not the type of music that you hear a band play or listen to on the radio — this music is made by objects that we see and use every day. The performers use garbage cans, brooms, newspapers, plastic bags, stop signs, sinks, lighters, and more to create different beats and patterns.

The theatre is unlike any other theater I have been to. The stage is small and there are what seem to be millions of things hanging on the walls. These objects turn out to be what the performers use to make music.

The eight “stompers” move their bodies to the rhythmic beat of the music, dancing like they are at a party, not onstage. Although there’s no speaking, the performers use phsyical comedy and facial expressions to make the audience laugh. The show makes me feel empowered and energetic. I feel the urge to dance and to make music with everything around me.

Stomp is perfect for teenagers who enjoy music and love to laugh. It takes music and movement to a whole other level.

TICKETS: PxP Special 2 for 1 ticket offer • Feb 16th-Mar 25th, Tue-Fri @ 8, Sat & Sun @ 3 • Code PLAYBY • Phone, box office or online • Orpheum Theatre, 126 2nd Ave.