After Miss Julie

by Sara


Set in England in 1945, After Miss Julie is a witty play about the timeless issues of sex, class and power.

Christine and John both work for Julie’s father and are also about to be married. Things start to get heated when Julie starts flirting with John. John has always been in love with Julie, but since he is Julie’s servant and part of the lower class, it’s impossible for them to be together. However, that doesn’t stop them from acting on their feelings.

Sienna Miller makes her Broadway debut in After Miss Julie. Her portrayal of Julie is outstanding – she naturally falls into her character and brought perspective to the world of the rich and beautiful. John, played by Jonny Lee Miller, really unveils the mind of a man after a one-night stand.

The set of the play is the kitchen of a large country estate. It’s dark, yet clean. Everything is where it was supposed to be. Since the setting was in the late 1940’s, the dishes had a slight early European feel. This particular choice showed how similar two different worlds can be. For example, John and Christine are both poor while Julie is rich, but they all still want love. 

Since the play is set in England, the accent was a must. However, it was a strong one and some of the words were a bit hard to understand. Many of the jokes had a European twist and were slightly confusing. 

After Miss Julie shows that sometimes true love has to wait and that looks can be deceiving. With its wit and charm and I would recommend After Miss Julie to young adults and above. 


$26.50 general rush • American Airlines Theatre, 227 W. 42nd St.