The Toxic Avenger

by Claire Pienaar
Having lived in New York City my whole life, I have developed a mix of disgust and humor regarding the state of New Jersey. I’ve often traveled through our industrial neighbor and inhaled the toxic fumes—probably more than I should have. This is one of the reasons that I loved the musical The Toxic Avenger.
Melvin Ferd the Third is a nerd who hopes to clean up the harmful toxic waste that plagues the state of New Jersey to win the heart of Sara, the ditzy, blind librarian. The Republican mayor makes profit in the piling waste, and she sends her goons to end Melvin. They drop him in a vat of toxic goo, but instead of dying, Melvin gains superhuman strength, some frightening new looks, and a compulsive loud roar. He becomes a hero with the mayor still out to kill him.
The humor is very crude and at times very gory; at one point, toxic Melvin (a.k.a. Toxie) squirts some brain juice into the audience. The five actors play many roles, sometimes with half-and-half costumes, which brings more humor out of their performances.

The Toxic Avenger is a love story with some misplaced eyeballs, appendectomies and French toast. If you live in New York City and are a fan of gory, physical and unsophisticated humor, you will enjoy this play.

HOW TO SEE THE SHOW: $25 Tickets thru Nov. 24th with the code TOPBP909. Visit to buy tickets or visit box office at New World Stages, 340 W. 50th St.