County of Kings

By Monikha Reyes, 11th Grade, Frank Sinatra School of the Arts
The audience speaks in high murmurs, excited about the show that has yet to begin. Suddenly, to our right, Lemon Anderson silences the crowd, spitting out the first lyrics to the show. All eyes are on him as he makes his way to the stage, demanding attention as he begins the tale of his childhood.

County of Kings is a one-man, hip-hop, coming-of-age memoir. Lemon Anderson describes growing up with his family, the gossiping old women on his block, having sex and selling drugs. He brings close to home how easy it is to fall from the straight path when growing up with negative influences. By the end, we realized that a lesson was learned through every bad decision, and that every ordeal led to the man we saw before us. Without all of his experiences, whether harsh or tender, Lemon Anderson would never have entered the Def Poetry Jam, which started his career as a poet.
The music has a great beat that made many people bob their head in unison. It’s a treat to hear blasts from the pasts as familiar songs flood from the speakers, reinforcing the decade onstage. Quick narration keeps things moving, leaving not even a yawn to be stifled.
County of Kings is definitely a show worth seeing. It will leave you with a new outlook on life.
HOW TO SEE THE SHOW: $25 tickets, Culture Project, Public Theater, 425 Lafayette.