Don’t Step on the Cracks

by Sarah Schlesinger

Don't Step On The Cracks is a collection of several different sketches related by the common idea of what maturity might mean. Separate stories are told throughout the show, each one weaving part of a large tapestry of combined experience, humor, youth, depression, joy, fear, and wonder. Every story has a different purpose and explores different outlooks on life. One of the sketches was a poem by Shel Silverstein, divided up and told out of order, giving the audience an entirely new perspective of the tale.

The individual pieces are all very strong and can touch everyone who hears them. The actors were magnificent and created incredibly believable characters. One comedic sketch involved the audience, which was very entertaining to watch. The introduction and the epilogue link all the individual stories together and related the sketches to the larger picture of the performance.

Childhood, which is very often forgotten and overlooked by the adult world, is the focus of this play. We are shown what is lost when we make the transition from childhood to adulthood, and also what is gained. The scenes of this performance linger in your mind, with quotes of the characters running through your head. Comedy and tragedy are equally important and both are explored with intense detail, and brutal honesty and respect. I highly recommend this play, as it makes you both laugh and think—a winning combination.

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