Muffin Man

by Melissa Miranda

Muffin Man is an amazing musical about Lyla, a barista at The Perky Coffee Bean, who falls in love with Justin, a muffin man and old family friend. Lyla is scared to tell Justin how she feels, but is helped by Sadie, the owner of The Perky Coffee Bean, to be true to her feelings. Lyla's life is topsy-turvy, but with the help of her true friends, she realizes the importance of speaking from the heart.

Teenagers should see this play because it will make you wonder, “Is this how I would act in the same situation?” The performers' voices were so good that they gave me goosebumps. The audience was laughing the entire time at the non-stop jokes. If you like to laugh and hear great music, then this is the show for you.

Muffin Man was the first Fringe show that I have ever seen, and I have to say, II absolutely loved it. Muffin Man is a must-see Fringe show. Trust me, you won’t regret it!

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