By Monikha Reyes, 11th Grade, Frank Sinatra School of the Arts
The lights dims as the audience hears the voice of a little girl announcing the show and smiles echo through the crowd. A telephone rings and is answered by a woman who tells her son to take it, and that it is his father. Anthony Fascious Martinez runs onstage, acting like a child, excited to finally speak to his father. And as he rushes through the details of his day at school, the line is cut. And so begins Penumbra.

A one-man Hip Hop musical, Fascious takes you through his childhood. Raised by his mother alone in the Bronx, he deals with death and pain. Through his music and acting, he translates to the audience the ache and the hurt he feels for his grandfather, for his father, and for everyone and everything else he has lost.

Through rap, though hardly ever rhyming, the beats that resonate from the speakers fill the theatre. The songs blend with his words perfectly and the lighting and sound effects only add to the atmosphere. I felt drawn into the story, sitting at the edge of my seat waiting for the next word.

I recommend this show to anyone who would like to see something new and different. I guarantee that this show is unlike anything that is out there and that you will be able to relate to at least one part. There is swearing and some sexual behavior, but rather than hinder the show, it only strengthens the performance.

Amusing, powerful, and definitely memorable, if you’re looking for something refreshingly original, come see Penumbra.