A Time to Dance

By Olympia Zipitas

A Time to Dance is a play about Elizabeth Polk, a half-Catholic half-Jewish girl living in Vienna during WWII. She tells her story of how she used dance therapy to get through the tough times in her life.

Growing up as the middle child, Elizabeth is overshadowed by her older sisters’ beauty and talent and her younger sisters’ youth. The play starts off in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s, then jumps back in time to when she was first born. We see Elizabeth grow up, get married and survive WWII.

Many times the play became messy with fumbled lines and accents. It dragged on, but was occasionally revived with a corny joke or a slight bounce of excitement.

Despite these issues, the ending was heartwarming. Elizabeth returns to Vienna to visit her old babysitter, Marie. She sees for the first time that it wasn’t the perfect husband that she needed, or lots of money, but the love from someone who cared for her from the start.

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