by Sabrina Khan

VOTE!, a new musical, is about a student council election that makes the candidates question and define ethics in a rather quirky manner, all the while representing and paralleling the American democratic system that shook the nation in 2008. Starring Baily Hanks, of Broadway's Legally Blonde: The Musical, the production has an excellent cast and crew.

Muffin, the captain of the cheerleading squad (played by Hanks), Mark, the smartest kid in school, and Nikki, the timid do-gooder, are all running for student council president in the most intense election yet at Green Valley High School. The campaigns are built upon lies, corruption, mudslinging and allusions to politicians who behaved in a similar nature. Meanwhile, each candidate discovers what he or she really means to achieve – a true identity, not just the face on the fliers.

The actors were truly wonderful and their performances even better. The music sounds a lot like the best of Broadway, but unlike them, the plot of VOTE! lacks real substance – not much to think about. Though there are no profound statement, there are moments of political commentary that inspire a little laughter.

Just like High School Musical and Legally Blonde, VOTE! is sure to entertain teens interested in a good time.