By Brenda Grande

Crossings is a performance based on real interviews from immigrants. The stories are about the experiences that each immigrant faced when he or she came to the United States. Every actor plays their part extremely well and makes their stories come to life. Some actors even play multiple parts.

The play begins with so much energy. The nine actors are spread out on the stage and sitting down with the audience when the lights go off. All of a sudden you hear screaming, laughing, singing and music all at the same time. The lights come up to reveal a game show where the winner gets a green card. This part of the play is hysterical and fun to watch.

After the game show, we hear the stories of the characters. You start to feel the pain, happiness, fear and ambition of the characters as they struggle to come to the United States. Each person had a different reason for coming here. Almost all of the characters did not speak English when they first came to the United States and had to face a lot of difficulties.

One of the actors who stood out to me was Mi Sun Choi. She cried, screamed and was not afraid to look weird. Her character, a Korean woman, gave up everything so that she could come to the United States.

These stories are true and are important to be heard because this country is made up of immigrants. As someone with immigrant parents, I think it is important for everyone to understand why so many people try to come to the United States.

I was very impressed with Crossings and I recommend this show to everyone. This is a must-see show!

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