West Side Story

By Amy Leon

Are you…loyal?

Set in New York in the 1950s, West Side Story is a beautiful tale about the for­bidden love between a white gang member, Tony, and the sister of the leader of the rival Puerto Rican gang, Maria. The story follows the progression of Tony and Maria’s love and how their actions affect their families and communities.

The dancing is phenom­enal; every movement onstage captivates the eye and ex­presses true talent. Not all the singing can compare to the elaborate dancing, but was still very enjoyable.

Earlier Broadway produc­tions and the movie did not contain much Spanish, but Lin-Manuel Miranda (from In the Heights) translated por­tions of the dialogue and a few songs for this revival, chang­ing the entire dynamic of the show. It made sense - wouldn't recent immigrants from Puerto Rico speak some Spanish? You should know that if you expecting to hear "I Feel Pretty," you will be getting "Siento Hermosa" instead.

West Side Story is an all time favorite and I gladly welcome it back to Broadway!


HOW TO SEE THE SHOW: $26.50 lottery rush beginning 2 ½ hours before the show • The Palace Theatre, 1564 Broadway. Visit www.broadwaywestsidestory.com for more information.