The Play Was…

What's another way to say that you liked or hated a play?
Ploggers brainstormed some creative responses:

The Play Was "Good"

The play was bitchin’

The play was energizing and invigorating.

Spectacular! Stupendous! A marvel of the modern stage!

The play was engaging.

It positively penetrated my soul.

The play was sassy!


The play was like the cherry on top of an ice cream cake!

The play was phenomenal.

The play was delicious!



The play was thought provoking.

The play was unlike most.


Had the time of my life!

The play made me salivate with joy!

Visually stimulating.

The play was mind boggling fun!



There were so many captivating moments.

I want to go see it again!

The play was o-o-okay.

The play was intellectually stimulating.

I have never seen a production quite like this.

It was supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!

I am speechless.

The play stimulated me mentally.

The play intertwined my being (in a good way).

It was out of the world.

I was glued to that stage.

It touched me.

Socially relevant.

Extremely memorable.

The play was mentally captivating.

The Play Was "Bad"
The play did not meet my ecstatic expectations.
The play was grotesque!
The play was disgusting!
The play was bleh.
Sucked balls.
The play was atrocious.
It tried too hard.
If my life depended on the plays outcome I would have died.
That play wasted 3 hours of my life.
The play let me down.
I was so disappointed!
Surprisingly, the play had a way of crushing my interest.
Ruptured my heart
I might have been killed by that.
I died a little inside…
I felt like I lost a piece of my soul.
This was a waste!
The play was horrific!
The play was atrocious and abominable.
Patronizing, overly-pretentious.
This play was not meant to be publicly presented for a reason.
This play tries too much.
The play was dreadfully boring.
Alienating, forgettable, sleep inducing.
It corrupted my innocent soul and mind.
My eyes and ears may never again function.
The play made my brain hurt.
This is a play?

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