In the Heights

by Sarah Schlesinger

In The Heights is a musical about the residents of a block in Washington Heights.

The characters deal with failure, love, sacrifice and identity. Almost every character is searching for someone to love and someone to be loved by. Boundaries created by family and distance get in the way of these relationships, but with a bit of patience and faith (as Abuela Claudia tells us), many of those boundaries are overcome.

The songs, with a rhythmic beat, are unexpected for Broadway. The music is catchy and the lyrics will stay in your head for hours. The lighting was incredible; at one point the electricity goes out and there is a blackout during which the cast dances with light from their cell phones.

The plot is a bit predictable and it’s no surprise when everything works out in the end. Despite that, In The Heights is definitely a show worth seeing!

$26.50 lottery tickets -- arrive at the theatre 2 1/2 hours before the show. Visit for more information.

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