Spring Awakening

By Nat Marcus

Spring Awakening is a musical about confused teenagers who are unsure of their role in a world that won’t speak to them honestly. Melchior, Wendla and Moritz are three adolescents who deal with conflicts still common to young adults today. Melchior wants to push everything to the limits and experiment, Wendla wonders about becoming an adult and Moritz is haunted by expectations.

The characters in Spring Awakening are forced to hold in what they need to say and do. The actors play their characters to the extremes, showing us the moody, fervent and very hormonal side of teenagers. These are characters that we can relate to. After all, aren’t we moody, fervent and very hormonal?

Spring Awakening is very relevant to young people today. Although there are fewer limitations on our free speech, our feelings, and our ideas today, there are still many teenagers who feel oppressed and downtrodden.
Spring Awakening is pure passion onstage. See this show to learn about yourself.
$27 Student Rush Tickets at the O’Neill Theatre, 230 W. 49th Street. For schedule and more info visit www.springawakening.com
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