by Delvin Marte

What if…you needed a place to belong?

Where is your home? For Cephus Miles, a man from Crossroads, North Carolina, home turns out to be exactly where he knew it was.
Cephus is eager for love and adventure. He travels to New York City to make money, but finds the city’s parasitic way of life a little too strenuous. Cephus tries to better himself, but ends up hastily throwing his chances away. His life falls apart because he can’t stop running from his problems.
Many of us do that. We look for the easy way out and then wonder why things don’t turn out differently. We try to compensate for our flaws and mistakes, further burying us in our own graves.
Cephus’ journey shows that though life isn’t always easy, with perseverance and passion, the good life will find you. Cephus finds his way home because he stays focused on what’s important. In the end, Cephus and I both realized that in order to know where you’re going, you first have to know where you’re from.
Home by Samm-Art Williams.
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