By Chris Ramirez

What if…you were scared of your passion?

Daniel Radcliffe has been placed in a mental institution for blinding six horses.
Confused? Don’t be. That’s just the beginning of Equus and Radcliffe is playing the role of disturbed teenager Alan Strang. Richard Griffiths (Uncle Vernon from the Harry Potter movies) joins Radcliffe as a child psychiatrist who is determined to help Alan deal with his issues.
At first, I felt total disgust for Alan’s actions, but as his story unraveled I began to understand what led to his vicious crime. The use of flashbacks to show moments from Alan’s childhood helped me to put Alan’s actions in context.
The actors who played the horses were extraordinary. From the moment they put on their metal horse masks and began to elegantly prance around the stage, I forgot they were people wearing flesh-colored outfits and metal hoof boots and was lost in the illusion. The use of white halogen lights in the place of their eyes was really creepy.
As an aspiring actor myself, I have to give Daniel Radcliffe credit for taking on such a difficult role and nailing it. I highly recommend seeing this show, whether or not you are a Harry Potter fan.
Equus by Peter Shaffer.
How to See the Show: $31.50 student rush • Broadhurst Theatre, 235 W. 44 St. Visit www.equusonbroadway.com for schedule and more information.
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