By Monikha Reyes, 10th Grade, Frank Sinatra School of the Arts
Have you ever...had to care for a caregiver?

Kindness begins with the backside of Dennis. He is watching porn and masturbating in a hotel room in midtown Manhattan. His mom, Maryanne, hears his screaming and runs in. Talk about awkward.
Maryanne has cancer and wants one last weekend of fun with Dennis. He is a bratty teenager and caring son—a very difficult combination. Maryanne leaves and Frances, a stranger from the hotel, sneaks in. She brings secrets and danger and weaves her way into Dennis and Maryanne’s lives.
Dennis is a disturbing yet vulnerable character. It was heartbreaking to watch him care for his mother. Dennis is responsible for a lot of Maryanne’s medical care. Their relationship is different from the traditional form of parent and child, but one that is pretty common today. Dennis has a strained relationship with his father, who is a gambler and doesn’t see Dennis frequently.

You don’t want to miss Kindness. I guarantee you that there will be at least one moment that shocks you.
Kindness by Adam Rapp at Playwrights Horizons.

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