by Sarah Schlesinger

Lady is an intense show about Kenny, Dyson, and Graham, three adults who have been friends since childhood. They have gathered for their annual hunting trip, but find that they have grown apart with the passing of time.

Kenny brings his dog, Lady, on the hunting trip. He immerses himself in movies and weed to escape a difficult reality. Graham has become a successful conservative Republican politician. He wholeheartedly supports President Bush and the war in Iraq. Dyson is devastated when he learns that his son, Duncan, wants to sign up for the Marines.

A great deal of tension is created when Dyson and Graham argue about politics and Dyson’s son decision to join the marines. Surprisingly, Kenny is the most calm and level headed of the three men. He wants nothing more than to avoid fights and the discussion of politics. When anger turns to violence, Dyson and Graham both fire their guns simultaneously. Kenny’s dog, Lady, is shot, but neither Dyson nor Graham take responsibility for their actions.

There is humor in Lady, but also a very real sense of danger. Not only for Kenny, Dyson, and Graham, but for the future of the American people.

$20 student tickets with ID. Rattlestick Theatre, 224 Waverly Place (right by 7th Avenue) in the West Village. Visit for schedule and more information.
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