POST: The Quantum Eye. Can Dumbledore do that?

Sam Eaton created an unforgettable experience for me through his show The Quantum Eye.  For starters, as I enter the theatre, the pink-haired usher tells me I can sit wherever I want, a new phenomenon to me which they apparently call general seating.  Clearly this must be one of the show's tricks because I know that Sam is not shy about pulling from the audience to enter his world of mysticism. I do appreciate the thrill of possibly being called up on stage at anytime and the prospect of possibly stealing the show, but that said, I am not at this show to perform. So, I pat myself on the back for I pick the perfect seats, and accomplish my goal of staying merely a part of the audience.

I find that whenever a show involves the audience, there's a certain unique flare that the audience adds and boy was this a rowdy bunch I was with, most likely a result of the spirits in which they indulged.  As Sam scans the audience looking for a lovely assistant, here I am, finding myself cracking up, holding my stomach for mercy as Sam makes the faux pas of calling up a young boy as his beautiful assistant.  “What’s your name little girl?” ... “I’m a boy.” Pure comedic gold and despite me being the mature adult I am, I have no shame in being the main source of laughter.  

I am dazed as Sam brings me back to those days when my teachers boasted they could do magic with math.  I remembered my second grade teacher showing patterns and tricks while teaching the nine times table.  If she was a math witch, then I guess Sam is the Wizard of Oz because on stage he does one better.  Sam makes a number web somehow accurately predicting the number forty as an audience member thinks it. He then reveals the web to show that the numbers read horizontally, vertically, diagonally, or the corner boxes, add up to forty. Can Dumbledore do that?  

If that failed to amaze he goes on showing off his skills. Sam tells an audience member, selected completely randomly, to think of the name of one of her pets and he’ll write it down without her telling him. He writes down "T-M-J-H-T" and now at this point I’m thinking what the hell, either she’s Icelandic or this man is a nutjob who is completely off.  My faith begins to falter but then Sam asks, "would it be impressive if I was off by a letter?" It turns out, he was off by one letter for each letter, a crafty fellow.  Turns out the dogs name is actually Sligs, a schnauzer the lady’s ex had named and Sam hits the nail on the head when he says, "I see why he is an ex".

Joke all you want Sam, but rather than crying I’m walking out the theatre crying from both the fact that the show is over soon and the poor lighting conditions which made it impossible to take a selfie.  This is a constant struggle for the camera happy me.  I want to be able to share a piece of the mystery.  I am grateful however for having been welcomed into Sam’s home of magic, and seeing as he personally bids each patron adieu, with a hug and a smile, I plan on returning to the wizarding world of The Quantum Eye. Perhaps next time my gracious host’s young doppelganger Harry Potter will make an appearance, but that’s all left to wonder. As I exit the theatre back into my world I’ll be sure to heed Sam’s words remembering to “always, just ask questions.”