Houssaynatou @ 'ZEN A.M.' - my instincts were right

What’s it about?

A talented artist is commissioned to create a piece commemorating tragedies in the U.S. But it is far from what he truly wants to represent: the tragedy of 9/11.

My experience.

These were the days I have been waiting for. NYC has finally welcomed the sun (and SO much rain). I was definitely giving off a 1970s New York vibe, and you know what? I was living for it!

So with my shades on and a local newspaper in hand, I sat on the bench in front of the theatre and positioned myself to have the sun hit my skin just right, and I read until the start of the show. Once I entered the theatre and got in my seat, I was overcome by an odd feeling that this show was not going to be good. In this case my instincts were right. The show did not make any sense.

To me, some of the actors came across as a little too aggressive with their screaming. Their anger was really over-the-top, even though their lines did not feel like they called for anger. There were a couple of jokes thrown in, but I couldn’t really laugh, because the humor didn’t make sense to me. I was just super confused, and because the show was 75 minutes with no intermission, I started counting down the clock. While I was doing that, I began to hatch a plan to find an exit in order to leave unnoticed. I noticed that every 15 minutes the room went dark, so that the actors could swap props and move set pieces. I used that 3-minute pause to dip because I could not endure any more of this confusing play. I’m sorry! But it was just a little too much for me :(

From the 40 minutes of the play I did see, all I got was that a middle-aged man was commissioned by the city to create an art piece that summed up the unfortunate tragedies in the U.S. Though highly talented, he had trouble doing the art piece because it did not correspond with his vision. He wanted the piece to only be focused on 9/11. With a huge commission on the table, his family and friends were encouraging him to do the job, even though it wasn’t what he wanted. He happened to owe a lot of people money, though, so he had no choice. That’s what I was able to piece together before I left. I think he ended doing the job, but he did it his way, and everyone appreciated and loved the art piece.



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