Allysa @ ‘We Are the Tigers' - I was like, where is the theatre..?

What’s It About?

A cheerleading captain hosts a sleepover for her squad. Some of the cheerleaders are murdered and the audience has gotta figure out who the killer is.

My Experience.

The production took place at Theatre 80 on St. Marks Place. The entrance of the theatre is very small. I went in and was immediately greeted by a bar so I was like, where is the theatre?

It just so happened that the theatre was in the next room. I was feeling like a real VIP. Anyways, once I entered, I felt transported back to old New York. They were playing the kind of music you would hear in a black-and-white film, and there were signed black-and-white pictures hanging on the walls, including AUTOGRAPHED PORTRAITS OF GENE KELLY, WOODY ALLEN, KATHARINE HEPBURN AND BETTE DAVIS!

I mean after the whole bar/theatre confusion I wasn’t expecting this.

If you love teen-pop musicals — like you’re a secret lover of OG Disney Channel musicals — this musical is perfect for you. It was typical high school stuff, like relationships, homework, exams and prom queen drama. Given its teen-pop vibe, it was still very millennial-friendly (is that a thing? idk), with references to FaceTime and texting misunderstandings…*cringe.* Tbh, this is what all older people think millennials do all day. But I do think these high school stereotypes were pretty realistic. There were drunk girls who party way too much, the girl who just wants to belong, the shy one who didn’t want to be seen, the very religious one and the tough one who is always negative. Yada yada, you know, the usuals. So, who was the murderer…?

Can’t disclose…sorry. I refuse to spoil it!

Although this musical is mostly focused on the murders, it also explores the insecurities that high schoolers face. It almost seemed to humanize the killer…I mean, I still felt no pity for whoever murdered the two girls. The killer was mentally insane. She thought that the only way to be on top was to kill off the people who were causing dysfunction in their world. Look, if I get into arguments with people, I may get tense but I wouldn’t kill them! I feel like there are a good 1,000 steps to get through before deciding to kill someone…

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