#TIX on Free Summer Shows!


Woo-hoo, the first day of summer has arrived, and I couldn’t be happier to escape the gloom of winter. Growing up in Southern, CA, my upbringing did not prepare me for weeks of gray skies, let me tell ya.

So… this is my first summer in NYC and it’s just brilliant how many FREE events and festivals are going on. Something I have never experienced before and have always wanted to is The Public Theater’s FREE Shakespeare in the Park—or any FREE show in a park really. I feel like there is something so magical about seeing FREE live entertainment in the warm weather surrounded by trees and grass and sweaty people. I’m stoked I get to experience that sh*t for the first time.

So me and my ticketing team (shout-out to Kat, Julia and Filetti) gathered information about a bunch of FREE park shows that you and your friends can go to this summer! Click the show titles for more information, including schedule, exact location and description.

6.) @ Prospect Park Music Pagoda (8/8 - 8/11)