Meytav @ 'The Mortality Machine' - BLEW MY MIND

What’s it about?

The Mortality Machine is a live-action role-playing show in which audience members are the main characters!

My experience.

When I first heard about about this show, I thought I was going to learn about what happens during a death investigation. (Is that a thing?) I thought I might even get some real-life insight into how to prevent someone from dying, or how to just deal with death in general.

But that’s not what I got.

Honestly, I still can’t explain what I got from this show. All I know is that it left me speechless and confused... and made me question everything I experienced.

Let me explain the process of this show and how it BLEW MY MIND.

For starters, the audience consisted of fewer than 10 people… and all of us were characters in the show! We all got name tags with descriptions of who we were playing. The moment we entered the space, we were these characters. At times, I would get confused about whether something was happening to me, Meytav, or to my character. This space, as crazy as it sounds, kind of psyched me out. Occasionally it made it hard to figure out if something had to do with me or my designated character.  

I also didn’t know what to do! What was I looking for? Why was I hyperventilating every five minutes when I couldn’t figure out what was happening? I really wanted to know what had happened to my character’s dead loved one, but nothing made sense! Everything I did seemed to have big consequences, and it felt like it was all in my hands. This started feeling like my reality and tbh it was kind of scary! :(

I didn’t feel like I was watching a show, because the story arc depended on me.  

This was my most intense theatre experience EVER. I interviewed some of the actors after the show, and I ran out of words to explain my experience to them. I couldn’t wrap my head around what had just happened. It was surreal. I realized that there is so much that I can’t tell anyone who hasn’t been to this show. It’s not just spoilers — this is such a different type of show that revealing anything would ruin the entire purpose of it.

So the only thing I can say is GO! Everyone will have a unique experience, especially if you really commit to your character.

Here is a video of my interviews with some of the show’s cast members.

Thank you so much to Mortality Machine for chatting with us!



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