Houssaynatou @ 'The Light' - loving every minute of it

What’s it about?

An all-American black couple going through the ups and downs of being themselves.

My experience.

My streak of seeing all-black casts perform in shows written by black playwrights continues.

This is the third show I have seen thus far in my journey, and I'm loving every minute of it. I expected nothing but greatness from this show and I must say, it still managed to exceed my expectations. Knowing that the show was sold out today, I did not do prior research (reviews, cast, etc.). I wanted to be surprised. 

After walking into the theatre and locating my seat, I began to assess the audience. What I saw brought a smile to my face because, once again, it consisted of black people. I don't usually consider the field of theatre to be diverse, therefore it feels good to see someone that resembles me onstage acting. The beautiful black couple in this case screamed #blacklove. Many say that black love no longer exists, or that it has decreased since the old days and I agree. So when snippets of it are presented in plain view, I take my time admiring it, because it is rare. Anyways, the characters of Rashad and Genesis resembled an everyday couple—the wife was a principal and the husband a fireman—living in the suburbs of Chicago. But behind a seemingly perfect couple are secrets that can kill. 

The secret in this case was so damaging. But before all of that, it started off sweet, with Genesis arriving home from work and Rashad waiting to welcome her with a foot massage and wine. At that moment I began thinking, what would life be like for me with a husband worshiping the ground I step on? Anything is possible, right? Anyways, we soon found out they were celebrating their second anniversary and both of them had HUGE surprises for one another. Though I was excited to know the surprises, I did not expect what came from such a sweet gesture.

The gut-wrenching, raw acting was evident in this play. I could feel the emotion it aroused in me and in the cast. I was on the edge of my seat when (SPOILER) Rashad’s voice soared and bellowed after he found out that Genesis had been raped by a rap artist he admired. Same with the moment Genesis revealed that she was pregnant, but did not know if she wanted to keep it because she was afraid of what bringing a child into this cruel world would do to her. These were true, real-life struggles that I'm sure everyday people are experiencing. For the first time I had a front-row seat to such a reality… and it was eye-opening. 

I hope to continue my journey seeing all-black casts in shows written by black playwrights. It has been amazing thus far.



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