Meytav @ 'The Enigmatist' - what I witnessed was magic. Period.

What’s it about.

The Enigmatist is an illusionist show that uncovers patterns and codes in our everyday lives. It’s billed as a puzzle, not magic.

My experience.

I have to start off by saying that I do believe in magic, and I do believe that there are people who have certain abilities that exceed what an average person can do.

However, the Enigmatist — aka David Kwong — starts off his performance by stating that nothing he does is magic, more like puzzles and illusions that trick our minds. I thought that if I paid very close attention I would understand the method/system behind his illusions. But let me tell yah, to my mind what I witnessed was magic. Period.

I gotta be honest, as David explained some of the logic behind what he was showing us, I got it — but anything he didn’t explain, I genuinely believe cannot be explained!

For example, he invited an audience member up on stage and asked her to pick five random cards out of a deck. Each card had a letter on it. He told her to arrange the cards with letters into a word, and she made the word TARES and put the cards up on a board.

Next, he handed her a new deck of cards with the faces of celebrities on them. He had her divide the deck into five stacks facing down so she couldn't see who was on them, and then she picked up the first card in each stack. The first letters of the last names of the celebrities all corresponded with the letters in TARES, and she placed the celebrity cards on the board under the cards with the matching letters. So Octavia Spencer's card was placed under the letter "S" in TARES, etc. Weird how that worked out, but that’s not even it!

Next, she was told to look up the birth dates of the celebrities, and then David wrote the last two digits of their birth years on the board under their cards. Once he finished, he asked the woman if the number on the board looked familiar...




According to him, it isn’t magic. He explained how everything has a code and how everything in the world can be broken down into different forms of binary code. So instead of zeros and ones, it could be colors or shapes... anything!

I expected to come in and see a magic show, but I left with a strong desire to educate myself! I want to understand the different codes of the world and what they mean. I now feel like I am looking past way too many things. If everything truly is a pattern or code, I want to understand it. I plan on looking up more of the principles he explained to us.

Get ready for me, Google!

SIDE NOTE - David Kwong said he based everything around Francis Bacon’s statement of “Knowledge is power,” and he explained hidden patterns in that statement as well. Now get this: Today I am reading my horoscope (a day after I saw the show) and it ends with that same quote by Bacon. Now, everyone has heard that statement before, but since I no longer believe in coincidences, I think it’s a sign... or a code. I may have to update you all when I figure it out lol.



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