Allysa @ 'Superhero' - I was there thinking…WHAT?

What’s it about?

A musical about a young teenage boy obsessed with comic books who realizes that the man in apartment 4B is actually a superhero.

My experience.

This musical reminded me of being in my high school theatre. I couldn’t find my seat for some time, so I was told to just stay where I was because it had a better view. So I thought, all right, why not? Then I felt guilty and made another attempt to find my actual seat.

We stan nice people!

I have to say, this was different from many of the productions I have seen. The opening scene began with Simon acting out his comic book to the audience, complete with sketches that floated on the sides of the stage that resembled superheroes and villains. I thought, I wouldn’t mind the whole production being like this. I mean, think about it: It’s a new kind of theatre where drawings come to life with background narration.

The comic book projections were directly in front of me most of the time. I also remember that at two or three points, multiple actors came out acting as silhouettes of Simon, so I had to play the game of identifying the real Simon. I was tripped up a few times because all the actors had the same stature and the same wardrobe. You know what? Just as I am writing this, I thought of a new theatre concept. What about if we make theatre a game? A series of challenges embedded into a story line. One of the games/challenges can be multiple people coming out on stage and you have to figure out which one is the main actor. Wouldn’t that be fun? We could just call the production Theatre Is a Game.

If you make this a reality, I want my royalties! lol.

When I was watching the first act, I could not believe that the awkward man who was just laid off as a bus driver was a superhero. I was skeptical because, I mean, what are the odds? Maybe he was laid off because he was too busy saving the world? He truly wasn’t the stereotypical superhero you see on television. It was only after the end of Act I that I realized he really was a superhero. I mean, he transformed into a light beam and shot up in the sky. I was there thinking… WHAT?

In Act II, Jim, the seemingly regular human guy, gave us the backstory that he was an alien from another planet sent to Earth to protect the human race. Superman much? Jim started to explain that being a superhero is not the same as it’s depicted in the movies. Nobody can know who you are and you have to carry the burden by yourself. Even though you save some people, you are weighed down thinking about the people you couldn’t save. You live a lonely, isolated life full of microwavable meals. It was eye-opening because I never really thought about being a superhero that way. Jim couldn’t have a life of his own because his head was always filled with cries for help.

Most superhero stories have a leading lady who finds out the superhero’s secret, but this one did not. A romance blossomed between Simon’s mother and the superhero, but she broke up with him. It was either because of his secrets, or the fact that he told her he has nervous breakdowns (which is an excuse for him to save the world). I don’t know actually. After Simon’s mother broke up with the superhero, I saw the close relationship that was formed between him and Simon. He said that now that he knows Simon’s voice, he will always be there for him, even though he was going to leave and make a new life for himself. I was so sad. When you are a superhero, you are constantly on call to save the world. You can never really have a family and become close to people. I thought, well, this is how it ends :( But then I remembered that even though superheroes die, they always come back. Maybe if Jim leaves, he will come back one day and be with Simon and his mother. One can only wonder what could have been.



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