Kat @ 'SMILEY' - Does technology hinder the road to love?


A love story between two Argentinian men from different worlds, connected through a Japanese legend.

My experience.

It’s Pride Month—time to celebrate our LGBTQI+ brothers and sisters and non-binary folks who deserve more than just 30 days to be appreciated. Ecuador recently legalized same-sex marriage and I couldn’t be happier, because it’s about damn time!


We love you and we see you and we will continue to further your fight for equality.

Despite my vague knowledge of the Spanish language, Smiley was a piece I enjoyed (the subtitles helped). How do you navigate love in the modern world when technology has become such a necessity? Can your soulmate be just a wrong-dialed phone number away?

I think it’s important to look at Pride culture in Argentina, where much of this show’s audience and one of the actors hail from.


South America is known for its passion when it comes to relationships. One thing I didn’t know was that Argentina basically led the trans revolution in the world. Not only was it the first country in South America to legalize same-sex marriage, it also passed its Gender Identity Law in 2012, which allows people to legally change their gender identity without being required to undergo hormone therapy or receive a psychological diagnoses that deems them “abnormal.” Buenos Aires, the capitol of Argentina, has a lively gay scene, which only expands the acceptance of our Pride peeps. This advancement in LGBTQI+ rights came after long battles with persecution, conflicts with the Catholic Church and the rest of the world’s tedious transition into giving civil rights to the community.

Smiley not only featured characters who are a part of this community, but had them living their lives in a world that is widely accepting of LGBTQI+ rights. They didn’t need to hide in a closet, and they used apps like Grindr and Adam4Adam because they were easy, not because their sexual identity was secret. That brings me to something I wondered throughout this comedic and beautifully timed piece. Does technology hinder the road to love, or does it actually help us find an improved love, our IDEAL partner?

Personally, I’ve always ridiculed the idea of searching for a serious relationship on an app that’s mostly meant for hooking up (not that that has stopped me). In fact, I met my current boyfriend on Instagram in a sort of millennial-cutesy love story type of way (thank you Instagram for your story questions feature). You can’t dismiss the possibility that maybe technology is the little push we need to get out and find the right person.

These two lovers romantically bonded by a red bow of thread on their pinkies still emphasized that, no matter how advanced and complex our digital world becomes, our desire for a real-life connection will never fade away. We’re always gonna want something that a phone, an app or an online dating site can’t replace. And in the (not verbatim) words of the rather funny Japanese legend who pulled the whole show together, destiny can’t do everything herself. Sometimes even she needs a little help.

Since forever, two people are tied with a bow on their pinkies by a single red thread. And no matter how many times it gets snagged or pulled or tugged at, it can never break.

BUT, sometimes destiny needs a little push. So a casual coincidence is created, and the rest unfolds.



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