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What’s it about?

Based on a true story from the 1800s, this show is about a woman named Ann and her husband, who immigrated to America. Once here, Ann initially struggled to build a life, but eventually she created the biggest abortion and contraception business in New York.

My experience.


This show was great. I really, really, really, really liked it.

SO many topics were touched on, including:

1) Female reproductive rights

2) Abortion

3) Intergenerational differences

4) The patriarchy

5) Money

6) Male ego

7) The American Dream

8) The court system

9) Suicide

SHEEEEESH. Where do I even start?

So this woman, Ann, perhaps one of the strongest women I have ever heard of, performed abortions for women. She started doing this in New York during an era when it was illegal, but Ann never stopped. She survived the deaths of both of her husbands, and she kept going. Angry mobs showed up on her doorstep, but she kept going. When she was arrested, she kept going.

WHAT A BADASS (and remarkably stubborn).

I really admired her drive and ability to push through all the obstacles and haters, mainly the men who wanted to put her in jail because she was making waaaayy too much money for their liking. Quite frankly, I think it also peeved them that she was performing procedures most men couldn’t do themselves. Not to mention she handled the media brilliantly, even though they exaggerated and blamed her for things she had not even done. Smh — haters gonna hate.

Though her entire life was a struggle, her biggest challenge was her daughter, a woman who didn’t want to be great or cause an impact. Instead, her aspiration was to become a housewife…

This shocked Ann, who believed that female liberation could only be achieved through education. Being a housewife didn’t require college. Therefore, her daughter wouldn’t be liberated, leading Ann to believe she had failed in her motherly duties. That aspect was highly relatable. Not only did it highlight an intergenerational difference, but also how different roles were for women back then.

Nowadays, most women wouldn’t aspire to be housewives. Hell, nowadays most women don’t even want kids until they are fully established in their careers. Ann was a modern woman while her daughter represented the traditional “I raised 13 kids and trained all my daughters to cook, clean and look after their husbands” female role. I thought this was really interesting and I never would have expected it. Ann was definitely pissed when her daughter spilled those beans, and that resonated with me. I’d be pissed too!

Only the real ones know the pain of the CHANCLA!

Only the real ones know the pain of the CHANCLA!

After deciding that she had done her best and would not go back to jail (what a thug), Ann made amends with her daughter. She did what I imagined any parent would do in that situation, and showed her daughter as much love as possible.

After all the ups and downs, building a successful life and fighting off mobs, Ann decided to end her life on her terms. *Not really a spoiler, don’t worry.*

She made this decision for herself, completely stripping the power away from all those who wanted her gone. She had lived a long life (she was in her sixties) and made an impact on everyone around her. If this isn’t the story of a strong-ass woman, then I don’t know what is.

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