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What’s it about?

Workers at a startup get riled up when Babe tries to move up in the company. She does this while trying to fight for her team’s right to drink beer at work. LOL.

My experience.

You know the typical dad who tries too hard to be hip, so he ends up making really bad jokes in front of your friends? He thinks it’s really funny when really it’s just embarrassing?

Or the friend who tries WAY too hard to make people laugh and ends up being super corny?

eeye roll tina fey.jpg

Yeah, I felt like this musical was the corny friend AND the embarrassing father.


Initially I was really excited to see this show. I love reading about and watching startup shows. I figured a comedic musical would be awesome. Unfortunately, I was greeted with tons of bad sex jokes that just seemed too contrived.

I get it — a workplace can be filled with an almost college dormitory level of sexual activity. Office romances are bound to happen. This is perfect for cheesy jokes. But it’s lame to purposely point out every sexual innuendo and then emphasize it as if I didn’t get it the first time. I don’t know, it just felt like the jokes lost their potential to actually make me laugh.

Example: The guy who hooked up with Babe tried to proposition her with, “Something, something, something, can we smash?”

It may not sound as bad in my retelling, but I found it SO cringeworthy. It was like watching older people try to use slang… or white people trying to use Ebonics (no offense!). I don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone bluntly ask someone to smash. We millennials (or at least the people I know) don’t use slang that way. Could you imagine a guy or girl you just met at work asking you like that?

Anyways, I’m way too hung up on the sex jokes.

The rest of the show was okay. There was a constant emphasis on one character being a trust-fund baby, which was actually kinda funny. And that song wasn’t that bad. It brought up an interesting idea that there are people out there who can literally lose millions and still be okay, thanks to daddy’s or mommy’s money (must be nice!). This idea got me thinking about my future kids… would it be wrong for them to have a trust fund? Is it wrong for them to have a leg up in life due to my achievements? I respect the #hustle, but having some money as a safety net sounds pretty nice.

I don’t have any answers to the questions I just posed, but I know that I’m definitely not raising spoiled brats. They’re going to learn the value of a dollar!

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