Rick @ 'The Baldwins' - pretty genuine

What It’s about?

An improv show that’s actually funny.

My Experience.

What to say about this show, hmm…

  • It was funny.

  • The atmosphere and vibe was lit.

  • The actors seemed like really cool people.

Before the doors opened, I got to chill at the bar with my favorite drink: a nice cold dark and stormy. The bar here doesn’t have everything, but it’s still a good time and an interestingly lit place to hang out before the show. For all my of age people out there, remember to bring your card as they don’t accept cash.

During the show, I definitely enjoyed myself. The improv scenes really looked like they were made up on the spot — I could actually see the actors thinking of outrageous things to say and how to go about the skit. The show was pretty genuine.

However, I did feel like they should have used way more audience participation.

The beginning of the show started off with an interview, and the interviewee was a member of the audience. They asked the woman “volunteer” super funny (and personal!!) questions about her long-distance relationship and her childhood. It was funny and she was a great participant. Kudos to her! But that was all the improv that used the audience. They didn’t take audience requests or really ask us to participate in any other way. The show was good, but I felt it could have been much better.


The show was super fast. I think it only lasted 45 minutes, which could be why they had limited audience participation. I expected the show to go on longer, but hey, I wasn’t complaining.

Straight and to the point. I like that.



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