Rick @ 'Superhero' - Life AIN’T a Disney movie!

What’s it about?

A boy discovers that his neighbor is a superhero. In an attempt to become his sidekick, he gets his mom to date the superhero. Unfortunately, his plan doesn’t go the way he imagined.

My experience.

I must say, I went into this show tired AF.

After a superlong week sprinkled with sleep deprivation, I had very little energy. I kept a positive mindset (as always!!) and mentally prepped myself to sit through this and enjoy it. But as hard as I tried, I gotta say I ended up super annoyed. Not because of the show. Not because of anything that happened. But just because I wanted SLEEP. So take my experience with a grain of salt, ya’ll.

This was really family-friendly. There were younger actors, a lot of singing, mystery, romance and drama. Everything was kept light and there was nothing too “deep” about it.

⚠️Kinda spoiler? ⚠️

I loved how there wasn’t a happy ending. It was like… real, ya know? Life AIN’T a Disney movie! So they served all them kids out there some life lessons on:

  • Divorce

  • Unrequited Love

  • Life Baggage

  • Consequences

  • Domestic Violence

  • Vulnerability

All of those subtopics were explored and (for once) realistically represented. Basically, what life is like for some people (minus the superpowers). It was a reminder of the sucky parts of childhood and how as kids pretty much every child wishes for superpowers cause they think that will automatically fix everything. Random but related, I’d definitely choose ghost powers. I want to be on that Danny Phantom vibe. I know all my millennials have to remember that one! If you don’t… where you been?

All in all, I just didn’t have the energy for all the singing and emotional twists that day. But if you really like musicals, then this one is different enough to try out. Make sure to get your rest before, though, cause otherwise you might be there fighting to stay awake for two hours… like ME.

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