Rick @ 'The Shadow of a Gunman' - sucks, but 'tis life.

What’s it about?

A love story comes to a tragic and morally complex end during the War of Irish Independence.

My experience.

I love Irish accents.

In fact, I love Irish people. This show was all Irish people and their accents. Did I understand what they were saying? Only about 30% of the time. Was I shocked? Kind of.

I’ve been to Ireland — twice! You’d think I’d understand at least a little bit of the lingo by now. But nope! Anyways, though the vocabulary was a blur, I understood the plot of the story. Here it is in simple terms:

Boy likes girl.

Girl likes boy.

Boy and girl are stuck in the midst of a war where homes are raided by soldiers.

Boy mistakenly allows anti-war activist (terrorist?) to leave bomb in boy’s home.

Boy’s home is about to be raided.

Wanting to help, girl takes bomb to her room.

Girl’s room gets raided by soldiers.

⚠️Spoiler Alert ⚠️

Girl gets caught with bomb.

Soldiers take her away.

Firefight breaks out between soldiers and anti-war people.

Bomb goes off.

Girl gets shot.

⚠️End of Spoiler ⚠️

Pretty slow show overall. It picked up a lot during the last 10 minutes, but I didn’t find it that crazy. I found it more ethically pressing, meaning I had a whole debate in my head as to whether or not the girl should have hid the bomb.

Yes, she died. No, it wasn’t her bomb. Yes, the men (boy who liked her and his roommate) who let her take it did so to avoid the consequences of their mistakes. Yes, they could have stopped her but they didn’t, because they surely would have been killed.

Had there not been a firefight or had the bomb not gone off, maybe she would have lived.

Was it right? No. Was it wrong? Maybe.

At the end of the day though, it was her choice. She chose to hide the bomb. She suffered the consequences.

Sucks, but ‘tis life.

This was definitely a case of survivor’s guilt. Not sure how a love story ends with such a deep moral dilemma. Maybe it’s best to make sure to bring along some Irish friends next time you visit this theatre.

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