Rick @ 'Caroline's Kitchen' - serious communication problems

What’s It About?

The lives of each member of a dysfunctional family unravel to tell a story about infidelity, communication and mental health.

My Experience.

WOAH. This show was… WOW.

This show took a completely different turn from what I was expecting, and it touched on topics so controversial that the entire audience was at the edge of their seats.

What I expected: A drama/comedy about the drama of a white lady’s life, taking place in a kitchen as she cooks.

What I got: A drama surrounding a white lady, her marriage, her husband, her son, her lover and her lover’s wife.

So yeaaaah, there was a lot of drama involving a lot of characters, but it all fit together beautifully. I’ll go through each of them one by one, and I hope I can tie it together as concisely as the show did.

The White Lady (Caroline):

As the main character of the show, she is a mess. A LITERAL mess. She’s highly successful, but she only has fake friends—there’s no one real in her life she can relate to. She embodies what it means to be successful at the expense of happiness. Why? Hard to say, but I believe it’s due to her lack of interpersonal skills and refusal to accept the reality of her situation: her broken relationship with her husband, strained relationship with her son and imploding career. Additionally, she isn’t being heard by her husband, so she dabbles in infidelity for YEARS. Yet she’s always seeking her husband’s approval. She hasn’t really connected with her son. AND her career is on the edge of becoming a full-blown shit show due to her drunken behavior.


The Husband (Mike):

Boy, this guy has serious communication problems. Imagine trying to tell your significant other about a part of your day that you’re excited about, only to have your S.O. respond halfway through your story with: “I gotta go play golf now.” Imagine that EVERY time you tried to have a conversation. That’s what it’s like with this guy. Plus, he’s an annoying, disapproving father who thinks money will solve everything.

The Son (Leo):

A pretty typical story of a child who doesn’t live up to parental expectations and just wants to fight the system. Also he’s gay and his parents are Catholic. Don’t know if I need to say anything else about that.

The Lover and his Spouse (Graeme and Sally):

What can possibly be right about a man who is cheating on his wife with the wife of another man? And add that to the fact that his wife is diagnosed with a mental illness, so when she finds his phone all hell truly and fully breaks loose. LOL. You have to watch this to find out what happens here. It’s CRAZY.

Okay, now that you’ve got an idea of who the characters are, I hope it’s plain to see where the dysfunction begins. They all end up in a kitchen, meeting each other while hiding secrets and trying to expose others’ secrets. No one is listening to each other, there’s A LOT of yelling and even some low-key lovey-dovey action going down…

The humor and shots fired at the vegans sprinkled throughout made this show unexpectedly interesting. I didn’t relate to any character individually, but rather felt like I was made up of several qualities or experiences of each of them. Like I definitely relate to Caroline’s mistakes. While my mistakes haven’t (and hopefully won’t) sabotage my career, I know people do stupid things while they’re drunk. These characters are hectic, but incredibly relatable. This is a show that had me itching for more and trying to guess what would happen next.

Oh yeah, and SOMEONE GETS STABBED. Can you guess who?



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