Rick (and Angie) @ 'After' - damn, that was heavy

What’s It About?

A story about bullying, told from the perspective of the parents of the kids involved.

Our experience.

Let's TALK about closeted homosexuality, suicide, homophobia, parenting, bullying and gun control.

LOL jk. While this show definitely gives off a political agenda, let's move away from all that for a sec and talk about parenting.

I have NO IDEA what it's like to be a parent, nor do I want to at this stage of my life. But shit, I'd be so mentally and emotionally fucked if my kid was a bully who not only physically and verbally abused others, but also sexually abused them.

What. The. Actual. Fuck.

You can be a great parent with great morals, but that doesn't mean your kid will necessarily carry those traits on.

Yeah, statistically they should (or so I think), but other people's thoughts and actions can't be controlled. We all have free will, so all parents can ever do is teach us and hope for the best. It tends to work out for most of us, but not for everyone. Do you know how many school shootings have there been in 2018 and 2019 so far? Hundreds. Something is wrong here and parents can't bear 100% of the blame.


I'm amazed and blessed that most of the people I know are sane and working to be their best selves (again, so I think, LOL).

But yeah, this show brought up those feelings — the feelings of how much it must suck to raise kids the best way you know how and for them to turn out like dicks.

I guess that's why we must: 1) seek help and 2) love unconditionally.

Easier said than done, right?

Aside from that idea, this show was powerful. Great acting and amazing speeches and dialogues/monologues.

The idea of “reality vs. perception” in the face of a threat is all too real and it literally gave me shivers. We all have instincts, and those instincts are sometimes more powerful than our conscious, rational thoughts.

Want to know what I mean? Then you have to watch this show. Trust me.

See it:


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