Julia @ 'Perfect Crime' - Umm…???

What’s it about?

A psychiatrist is involved in a murder mystery. Of course she knows how to get away with murder.

My experience.

I am not a fan of murder mysteries, but I decided to go out of my comfort zone and see this show. I looked through the program when I sat down in the small theatre (where only about 1/10th of the seats were filled) and saw that the lead actress, Catherine Russell, has played the role of Margaret Thorne Brent for the past 30 years! She holds the world’s record for most performances playing the same character in a show

I was like, sure, it may be nice to break a world’s record, but doesn’t she get bored? I wouldn’t want to be stuck doing the same thing every day. If I were an actor, I’d want to play different characters and have new experiences. Awards and records are stupid social constructs that I feel are given out based on popularity. But that’s my opinion. If it’s paying the bills and it makes you happy, go for it Catherine!

I’m not gonna lie, I was scared during this play. Especially whenever the gun was involved. I was sitting in the third row and the sound effect of the gun going off was so realistic that it felt like my brain was jumping around my skull. Plus the light coming out of the gun seemed too real for me. After the first gunshot, I curled up into a ball and pressed my hands against my ears and shut my eyes really tight. I was reminded of high school history class, when the teachers would make us watch gory historical films and I’d be in a daze for the rest of the day. I guess trigger warning — quite literally!

I don’t really know how the perfect crime was executed. SPOILER: Margaret gave up her daughter, only to have the child come back into her life as a patient who then sleeps with Margaret’s husband… who may be the kid’s biological dad. EW!

I’m still a little perplexed because I think Margaret tried to commit suicide by putting the gun to her head while sitting a chair…maybe. She pulled the trigger and the noise went off, and although initially she slumped down in her chair she then proceeded to sit up when someone walked into the room like nothing happened. Umm…???

When the show ended, there were stacks of paper on a music stand outside the door, explaining things that were not mentioned in the show. I’m fucking exhausted by 10pm — basically sleepwalking to the train station — so there was no way I could read this small-ass negative nine-point font. I didn’t even care enough to glance at it the next day. This was just a weird-ass story tbh.

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