Allysa @ Musicals in Mufti: 'The Day Before Spring' - I’m just an old lady in a young person’s body

What’s it about?

The word mufti is a British term for actors who perform in street clothes without the trappings of a full production. The York Theatre does a series of musical revivals like this. The one I saw was called The Day Before Spring.

My experience.

This day was notable because, for the first time ever, I got on an actual empty subway!

If you live in New York, you understand the significance of this. As if the day couldn’t get even more exciting, I found out that the theatre was located inside a church. Who would have thought?

As soon as I entered the theatre, I surveyed the room and saw no one there my age. They were all elderly! I don’t think I have been to an Off-Broadway production where the audience included people my age. I wondered, am I just an old lady in a young person’s body? The world will never know.

The Day Before Spring was about a lady named Katherine debating whether to leave her husband for a possible great romance. She wanted to have a great love, such as the one Rose and Jack had in Titanic. The kind of love you only hear about in stories. In the end, though, she realized that she was chasing after a dream. I distinctly remember one of the characters saying that there’s no such thing as a great love, nor do you really need one. He told her that she would truly be miserable if she went for that great love.

I don’t know though. There’s a part of me that thinks that the greatest stories ever written were the ones in which the main character pursued a great love (The Notebook, Titanic and Anna Karenina). However, there’s another part of me that thinks fidelity is important. This is probably an evil thought to have, but I wanted Katherine to go for that great love. I should probably tell you that the man who might be her great love wrote a best-selling book (supposedly in a “drunken stupor”) about the relationship he and Katherine could have had years earlier if only his car hadn’t broken down. I sat there trying to figure out what was right and what was wrong. Yes, I wanted her to stay in her marriage but, at the same time, I wanted her to create a new ending for herself. What do you think?

Another aspect that stood out to me was the elderly lady sitting next to me. I would say that she was in her 60s or 70s. I was watching the show then turned to look at her. The lady’s head was back and her eyes were closed. I felt so terrified. I thought, did something happen? Is she alright? If there had been someone next to me who was in a younger age range, I wouldn’t have paid much attention. She was older, though, so I grew incredibly concerned. I shifted my attention many times between the show and the lady, wondering if I was supposed to do something or say something. She didn’t pass out or anything, right? To my relief, she woke up during the large musical sequence and after that I was able to watch the production with more ease.



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