Miranda @ 'Passage' - EDUCATE your damn self

What’s it about?

A whole lotta metaphors, interactive exploration and debates, all loosely based on the novel A Passage to India.

My experience.

This show challenges the audience to meditate and resonate on the nature of relationships between different countries and the people who live in said countries. It was more exploratory than storytelling, which was a dope way to capture the audience’s attention and get us to interact with the material.

The show had an amazing way of explaining political correctness and human nature without being patronizing, which is something I have been told I have a problem with.

Many people in my life constantly tell me to “stop lecturing” them.

Maybe it’s my tone, maybe it’s the weight of the topics I choose to discuss or maybe it’s the constant word vomit, but I hear that phrase a lot. Too much, actually. Lmao.

People used to see me as the comic relief in their lives. Hell, even I started looking at myself like that. Adding sarcastic comments to every silent moment, or cracking “inappropriate” jokes wherever I could. It was common for me to use comedy as a defense mechanism for ignorance or emptiness.

Since I came to school in NYC, the people I’ve met have humbled me and educated me about my privilege. They’ve told me about their families’ experiences in this country and the foundation of bullshit our government is built on. I’ll forever be indebted to those people for waking me the hell up and exposing the truth. Ever since my little epiphany, I realized it was time you (and I) EDUCATE our damn selves.

If I had seen this show before college, I would probably have been like, “Wow, what simplicity! What power! What acting! (And other bullshit),” but not connected the themes and ideas to reality. But, thank all the gods, I am out of high school and have learned a thing or two since then, and I was able to view the show from perspectives I have listened to. So to the people who say I lecture or am condescending, it is never my intention to be that way.

I just remember what it was like to be in the dark. If I speak strongly on heavy concepts, informing you of horrors or ripping apart the foundational errors of our government and human behavior in general, it is because I trust you.

It is because I love you and I want you to be able to formulate your own opinions based on truth and your own research.

I want to give you a chance to debate and to not agree with me. Play devil’s advocate, argue with me about politics—let’s explore and agree to disagree. I always respect a person who comes to me with a powerful opposing statement rather than a yes-man. Always.

My best friend once told me that you are a vessel for the truth to flow through. That is why you should never be attached to your opinions or beliefs.

You should always speak truth. And if people get offended by this, then they just cannot comprehend the truth and it is not your fault. So there is no need to ever take things personally if someone does not see eye to eye with you. Everyone is battling their own shit inside their heads and is on their own journey. So just chill and let it be.

I appreciate this show and its capacity for handling abstract ideals. For real. It allows you to come to your own conclusion, which I think is rather important. You can tell someone something a million, billion, zillion times and they still won’t let it sink in until it affects them head-on. So we gotta let people educate themselves, question norms and explore solutions.

That’s what I have to say for now. Hopefully this wasn’t too much like a lecture… but even if it was, I’m unapologetic because to me, this shit was critical for my own growth. And that’s that.

Woohoo. Signing off.

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