Miranda #ONSCENE with James Hayden Rodriguez from 'The Lightning Thief: The Percy Jackson Musical'

I had the opportunity to chat with Luke/Aries (James Hayden Rodriguez) from the touring production of The Lightning Thief and we had a dope conversation. From how he got involved with the show to DJ Kyle getting lit up in the Underworld, James let us in on The Lightning Thief’s humble beginnings and its progress since then. Watching the story I read in my youth come to life in front of me was an experience I won’t forget. Plus the puppets were so LIT! And the fact that it was a musical made it even better. I am a sucker for musical renditions of anything (I wish my life were a musical, okay?). Check out the dates for the tour — if you know anyone in the towns they’re performing in, I highly recommend telling them to go.

Especially Lightning Thief stans ⚡