Miranda @ 'Frozen' (PT. 2) - really sets us ladies up for success, huh?

What’s it about?

Kick-ass princess power and flowy hand motions with icy snow magic. Oh, and a reindeer that isn’t Rudolph.

My experience.

Wow, this was a PRODUCTION.

From the moment I walked into the theatre, I was overwhelmed with:
shiny marble walls,
stuffed animals,
#Frozen merch,
children in princess dresses
oh, and more PEOPLE.

This was my first time at a Broadway show, so I was not used to how FANCY everything was. I felt like I was walking into an ice castle. I had no idea how they were going to execute the whole snow magic element, but by the end, I was pretty impressed with the technical aspects of the production as well as the performances. Everything was so intense, my senses were overloaded, and honestly I was kind of stressed out because there was so much to look at. I am used to small Off-Broadway theaters, okkkkk? Don’t judge me!!

Soooooooo… in addition to the magical elements of the show, there were some important lessons sprinkled between song-and-dance numbers.

Frozen follows the classic Disney formula at first. You know how it goes: A princess undergoes some struggle until a prince comes to the rescue and then *BAM,* love at first sight and they almost ride off into the sunset on a reindeer together.

Except for the fact that these classic tales in which a woman must rely on a man to save her from her own struggles aren’t realistic anymore. They really don’t set us ladies up for success, huh?

Buuuuuuuuut what I do admire about this tale more than other Disney fairy tales is that it did the exact opposite of what one would expect. If you’ve seen the movie or musical, you FO SHO gasped when Hans said, “Oh Anna, if only there was someone who loved you.” Because I know I did, as did the four year olds right next to me.

Love is a central topic for this show, but instead of just praising romantic, lovey-dovey love, it explores sisterly love. Which is dope BECAUSE, believe it or not, THERE ARE OTHER TYPES OF LOVE, DISNEY!!

You know:
- self-love (start with this type of love first!!)
- love for your friends (gotta respect the people you spend time with)
- unconditional love (ya know, love with no stipulations)
- love for your family (you kind of have to, they’re blood)
- obsessive love (this is a toxic one, beware and steer clear)
- love for food (who doesn’t love ice cream, okay, like, come on)
- puppy love (oh young love, gotta experience first love once)

… I could go on forever, but let me get back to my point…..

Olaf, the lil’ walking talking ball of snow (who ironically doesn’t understand the concept of heat) says that love is “putting someone else’s needs before your own,” or having someone who is “worth melting for.” And as much as I do agree with this lil’ roly-poly winter creature, I also disagree.

Time for a healthy debate between me and Olaf about what love is, moderated by Elsa.

I’d imagine it would go something like this:

Elsa: “Alright Arendelle, welcome to the first-ever debate held in the castle. Now that I’ve opened the gates, I’m trying out some ways to get our people involved, so if you want, there is a calendar of events coming up. Personally my favorite is coming up this Friday: How to Call Trolls in Times of Peril. Yes, Kristoff will be teaching you all how to call trolls. Okay, back to the debate. I’d like to introduce our debater today: Olaf.”

Olaf: “Hands down, this is the best day of my life.”

Elsa: “Olaf, you say that every day, so it’s really losing its spark, but okay. Anyway, our next debater is a foreigner in our land, coming all the way from New York City: Miranda.”

Miranda (me): “What’s up guys? Glad to be here after the whole eternal winter thanggg. But honestly, I feel like I just escaped New York’s eternal winter cause I’m pretty sure they feel the same. Freaking freezing over there, damn.”

Elsa: “Hah, maybe my magic spread over there. Okay, so our topic today is: What is love? Starting with Olaf.”

Olaf: “Love is putting someone else's needs before your own.”

Miranda: “Well Olaf, as much as that answer is true, I think it’s important to first define the love you give yourself. Before you give any love away, you’ve got to value yourself first. Also, before you accept any love, you gotta know what you deserve. Love is sharing your love for yourself with someone else. And them sharing their self-love with you.”

Olaf: “Uh-huh.”

Miranda: “… Okay Olaf, you have to reply back. This is a debate.”

Olaf: “Uh-huh.”

Miranda: “You do know what a debate is, right?”

Olaf: “Uh-huh.”

Miranda: “He has no idea what a debate is.”

Olaf: “I like warm hugs.”

Miranda: “He really doesn’t know. Can someone please explain?”

Olaf: “I don’t have a skull. Or bones!”

Miranda: (mutters under her breath) “Doesn’t seem like you’ve got a brain, either.”

Elsa: “Miranda, that was uncalled for. You are banned from Arendelle for your rude behavior toward our beloved snowman creature.”

Miranda: “Yo whatever, New York is better than this anyway. I’m out.” (Mic drop)

*Whole castle gasps*

Okay, I’m done with my imaginary scenario. But for real: Love yourself first, know your worth and then you can put your love’s needs before your own. Only if they are worthy, though!! Don’t get yourself involved with a Hans. Don’t focus on all that romantic stuff just yet; focus on you and then you can grow with another human. No rush tho, and honestly, it’s not even a necessity. Just chill, okay? Disney should not determine what you expect from your future anyway.

Also, if you haven’t seen this cute-ass video of these girls acting out Frozen, watch please!! They’ve got good memories, that’s all I’m gonna say. OMG, there should be a theatre company where they only cast toddlers — that would be hilarious. Don't steal my idea please!

See it:


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